Backyard Growers Needs a Home

We're a small, scrappy nonprofit. We know how to do a lot with a little.

In fact, we've been operating out of our founder’s house for the last five years. It's been great, but we've grown so much that that we're busting out at the seams!


You can help make it happen. Support our Indiegogo campaign!

For Schools

Backyard Growers has a variety of school programs, from schoolyard gardens with annual planting and harvesting days to afterschool programs serving elementary, middle, and high school students.
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For Families

Backyard Growers provides low- and middle-income families with raised-bed gardens. To learn more about our families, as well as how to participate in the backyard garden programs (including the Get a Garden/Give a Garden program), click here.

For Communities

Backyard Growers partners with other community-based local organizations to provide and manage community gardens, promote healthy eating habits and increase the production of locally-grown sustainable food.
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